– YUKOS CAPITAL is the company engaged in the development of local market, as well as the amplification of export and import markets for partner companies and customers from around the world.

Cooperation and partnership

The goal of our company is your expansion. YUKOS CAPITAL offers:

to study and forecast the scale and strategies of companies. This course is designed to make optimal use of the company’s resources, and to perform the right actions for achieving the desired results.

aimed at finding new partners or at expanding markets for your products or services. In this case our task is to search and facilitate cooperation and partnership with other contractors (companies, industries, plants, factories, distributors,
private or public institutions) located around the world.

Here we act as your independent agents and can conduct and conclude sales or purchases based on your wishes and needs.

For this service our capabilities also include:

– conducting marketing research and informing the principal about market trends.

– providing the principal with information on technical requirements for goods and pricing policies.

– informing the principal about consumer inquiries and the expected placement of orders.

-creating a favorable image of the principal, and carrying out various advertising campaigns.

– facilitating the conclusion and implementation of contracts.

– acting in the interests of the principal.

This service involves conducting operations on behalf of your company. There is a possible scenario of taking the product for sale, or finding the right product or service for you.

Thanks to our knowledge and skills, our company is able to conduct search for your required contractors and partners, goods and services in all areas and from around the world.


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